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About Magdalena L. Events - event planning

We are a team of Orange County event planners and designers specializing in weddings, corporate events, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, kids parties, engagements, and other social gatherings.

Magdalena L. Events has a strong team consisting of a lead event planner, two associate planners, and one production manager. Our team of four have strong organizational skills, have creative and artistic qualities, always provide honest opinions, follow the latest event trends, and are always in the “know”. Allow us get to know your wants and needs for your upcoming event! Please take your time to get to know our team as we know how important it is to hire trustworthy companies to make your dream event a reality!

We always strive for immense happiness and want our clients to feel like their event exceeded their expectations. Having a true passion for what we do, the Magdalena L. Events team is here to assist you with your event planning needs from the start to finish or just the last month prior to you event. Whether you're getting married, celebrating a milestone, or have a corporate matter, we are ready to assist you in making your events memorable!

On the day of your event, there will be two planners working onsite. It doesn't matter if it's an intimate 20 person event for an event for 100+individuals. Our goal is to provide world class service. Why stress out about logistics, when you can put trust in us to make your day the best it can be? With our passion, dedication, and patience we will bring your dream event to life!


Magdalena L. I Lead Event Planner

Magdalena L. has been dedicated to the world of event planning for over a decade and understands that the key to success is having patience, love, dedication, respect, and the main key is listening to her clients needs. She has worked on small and large projects in the wedding, corporate, and special occasion fields, along with a variety of cultures and backgrounds. From Catholic, Christian, Hindu, Jewish (Orthodox), Muslim weddings, non-denominational to traditional, modern, whimsical, boho chic and other unique themes for events. Listening and communication is a strong pursuit of hers and, being as open-minded as she is, she can assist with creating truly magical events.

Wedding Planner

Corporate Event Planning

Corporate events are a whole different ballpark! From seminars, team building experiences, award ceremonies, birthday parties, client relation parties, employee appreciation outings, fundraisers, golf retreats, and even more… Magdalena and the in house events teams made it happen! Magdalena also coordinated themed out events that involved bringing intriguing entertainment, such as a trapeze artists, snake charmers, mermaids, comedians, bands, and more. Working for Realty ONE Group and Everest Escrow, Magdalena also had the privilege to coordinate grand openings of their offices during a rapid growing period.

Magdalena’s event planning background started back when she worked for a national prom dress company, called ALYCE Paris. This was her first professional experience where she had the honor of coordinating photo shoots, fashions shows for retailers and consumers, music videos with social media influencers, and fashion styling.

Event Design

Working as a design consultant for the top full production decorator in Chicago, named Yanni Design Studio (YDS), Magdalena has designed events from start to finish. Coordinating the perfect centerpieces using the clients’ ideal vision, she was responsible for putting together perfect flower colors, flower types, vases/stands, and candlelight collections. The table centerpieces were just the beginning since the look of the event was not nearly complete without the proper lighting, backdrops, dance floor covers, guest chairs, table rentals, stage decor, lounge furniture, ceiling decor… and even more! Anything decor related she and the YDS team brought it to life. Working for this company, Magdalena had the proper introduction to cultural weddings, such as, Indian weddings, Muslim weddings, and Jewish weddings. She worked with a variety of clientele budgets ranging from a $1,000.00 order to a $60,000.00+ order and everything in between. This opportunity really challenged Magdalena as she learned proper decor alternatives that made the event look unbelievably gorgeous, yet stayed within the client’s budget.

Fun Fact: "My first taste of planning actually happened when I coordinated my first social gathering at just 9 years old. Being the little adventure seeker that I was (and still am), I organized the very first block party/picnic on my street in Poland. I displayed & handed out fliers with the event details to children in the area, purchased all of the food and beverages, set up a barricade around the event space, made different entertainment stations (Barbie Play Area, Massage Area, Hair/Makeup/Nails Spot, Dance Space, & Sports Section), played music, and made a cover fee of 1 złote (less than 1 cent) per guest. Believe it or not, kids actually showed up! Not only did I make a ton of new friends, but I was so happy seeing everyone having fun." -Magdalena L.

Natalia S. I Associate Planner

Natalia has over six years of experience on different types of events. At the corporate office of Realty ONE Group, she had the pleasure of assisting with decor, coordinating and running their marketing booths, coordinating with a variety of vendors, and sourcing event locations. She has also worked for a catering company and assisting them with all sorts of clients: weddings, film festivals, and private parties in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. She always ensured that everything came out looking nothing less than perfect and met the clients expectations. On a personal level, she has planned several of her own events for friends and family, some of which include birthdays, wedding and baby showers.

Her strongest qualities when it comes to event planning include:

-Persistence in making “the vision” come to life; whether it is her own vision or someone else’s, the perfectionist in her strives to create only the best. She is very detail oriented and precise in her work. She even gave herself a motto: “If I am doing something, I will give it my all and get it done right!”

When times get stressful or things don’t go as planned during events, she always resorts to her creative side and makes the best of the situation. She keep the stress to herself and works on resolving the issues. Being open-minded allows her to quickly adjust to any situation she is presented with.

The one thing that brings her the greatest happiness is seeing someone else smile and know that she contributed to it. She is a giver and a nurturer by nature, therefore, knowing that she contributed in a positive way to someone else’s life and leave an impact is what keeps her smiling for days.

Fun Fact: "I love arts and crafts. I would say that I am a pretty crafty person, always creating unique and authentic decorations for all types of parties. I am always in charge of the centerpieces for any holiday gathering at my parents house. My mom already knows she never has to stress about the glitz and glam of the holiday season because I’ve got her covered." – Natalia S.

Sierra H. I Associate Planner

Sierra has over five years of event planning experience. She’s coordinated many corporate events of which included: birthday celebrations, grand openings of offices, seminars, and team building experiences. Included in these events were seeking out venues, coordinating guest lists, decorating for a variety of themes, maintaining event budgets, and more! Sierra was one of the main coordinators for two very well known companies: Realty ONE Group and Everest Escrow. Besides working for corporate, she took on personal events as a personal passion of hers.

Her strongest qualities when it comes to event planning include:

  • Being organized
  • Always on time to meetings and events
  • Perfecting every detail of the day

When times get stressful or things don’t go as planned during events, she always knows that everything will work out in the end. So, she keeps herself calm, even when everything is hectic. The last thing she would want is to have the clients know that the situation can’t be handled. What keeps her going in tough situations is knowing that what she’s doing is going to make someone else’s day!

One of the things that makes her smile most is when she makes other people happy by getting the job done and making every aspect look amazing.

Fun Fact: "I acted when I was a little girl. I was in movies with Angelina Jolie, Eddie Murphy and Clint Eastwood. I also was solo in CSI Miami and it was such an amazing experience!” – Sierra H.

Jerry W. I Production Manager

Jerry brings creativity and muscle to bring productions together. He has six years of experience in the event industry and catered to a variety of clients. He is great at organization and making sure things get done and done right! He has been involved in weddings, showers, holiday parties, corporate presentations, and many more events.

He held the title of Champion of Events at the largest engineering company in the world, AECOM. Jerry also serves as a Toastmasters President at his Toastmasters Club! Jerry takes great pride in his work that puts a smile on a clients face. That is what makes this work worthwhile.

Fun Fact:

I love painting and losing myself in art. I painted every piece hanging at my home! I also never turn down an opportunity to build or sculpt unique pieces of art!

-Jerry W.