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You may start witnessing changes to your body closer to the end of your wedding planning. One of which can be acne on your skin. They’re called stress pimples. According to, “…many follow-up studies have helped elucidate the relationship between stress hormones and zits. While stress alone isn’t the cause of acne pimples — age, hormones, acne-producing bacteria and other factors are at play — it’s evident that stress can trigger breakouts and make existing acne issues worse.” We’re not saying that all brides will get acne before their wedding day. Some brides just are lucky and have flawless skin no matter what. It’s still important to prepare your skin for all the tension it’s going to go through with all the makeup you’ll be wearing for your wedding festivities. What better way to start managing your skin, whether you’re breaking out or not, than by making an appointment to see a certified esthetician.

Magdalena L. Events had a great privilege to have a one to one interview with certified Esthetician & Owner, Lisa Nadler, discussing the topic “How to Prepare your Skin for your Wedding Day”.

Before you read the interview, here’s a little background about Lisa Nadler from Lisa Nadler Skin Care and Waxing:

I learned at the early age of 13 that I had to take care of my face. I broke out all the time. I sought all kinds of acne remedies. My mother took me to many dermatologists, but when I began supporting myself I sought out non-pharmaceutical methods. Every decade brought on new challenges and learning how to manage my skin was best served when I worked with Estheticians. They could look at my skin and treat it to help it heal. Their product recommendations were professional-grade and had a lasting impact on the success of clearing my acne. When I decided to get out of the corporate business life many years later, I realized I wanted to learn about the skin and the ingredients in the products that help heal it. I wanted to know their secrets! By then, I was much older and had experienced a new set of challenges that happen when you get older like thinning skin, loss of collagen and elasticity, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles. I went to School at Paul Mitchell’s Skin Academy and earned my license almost 7 years ago. I have not stopped learning. I am also a Certified Acne Specialist which has helped me focus on helping teens and adults clear up their acne whether it is hormonal, inflamed, non-inflamed, or dark spots from sun damage or acne. I spend a lot of energy educating my clients to empower them to handle breakouts when they occur randomly. I love using various tools with my Age Preservation clients! These tools help new healthy skin regenerate, look smoother and healthier!

You can also learn more about what Lisa does by checking out her “about” section on her website.

Here is the exclusive interview we had with Lisa Nadler:

  1. What types of treatments can someone with acne do to better prepare their skin for a special day, such as, their wedding? How long in advance should they begin treatment?

I have an Acne Clearing program that involves acne treatments to help Calm and reduce acne by cleaning up the dead sticky skin cells as well as learning how to take care of your skin at home and limiting acne triggers. I explain in detail the necessary steps to educate each person on acne triggers. Acne can be challenging, depending upon the severity, type of acne and level of commitment to getting rid of it which determines how long it takes. If time permits, I recommend starting 6 to 12 months prior. That being said it takes up to 3 months for pimples to develop, so it takes 3 months to see the biggest improvement. It’s important to take photos at the first visit so we can track the clearing process with each visit. It’s amazing to see the skin change and improve with each visit.

2. If someone doesn’t have critical skin conditions, what types of facials can they get to prepare their skin for their wedding day and all previous events (wedding shower, bachelor/bachelorette, wedding rehearsal?.

The type of facial required depends upon the bride’s needs, goals and skin type. I customize each person’s facial whether they are oily, dry, dehydrated or sensitive. I offer Microdermabrasion, Oxygen, the ZEN NanoFacial, LED Light Therapy with combinations of each modality. I recommend a facial 2 to 4 weeks prior to the initial event like an engagement party. Once we see how the skin responds, I usually recommend a facial 1-2 weeks prior to each event.

  1. What types of skin care tips do you have for the groom? What will help make his skin flawless on the day of the wedding?

I highly recommend that it is equally important for the Groom and Bride learn to take care of their skin prior to the wedding. The most common thing that grooms and brides want to get cleaned up is their blackheads. Blackheads become black because they are open and exposed to the air in the process of oxidation. The darker and bigger the blackhead, the longer it has existed. Getting the blackheads cleaned up helps the skin look brighter, the pores will look smaller, and texture will be smoother.

  1. What are your favorite skin care product lines?

Eminence Organic Skin Care and Face Reality Skin Care are my two main lines.

5. Besides facials and skin care products, what other techniques can people consider to help maintain healthy and youthful skin? Is there a specific diet or beverage you recommend?

MicroCurrent to lift and tone the facial muscles, Microdermabrasion for a gentle skin “polishing”, the ReZenerate treatment to drive products into skin and bring up new skin cells, LED Light Therapy to generate Collagen and Elastin (plump the skin). Hair Removal with Waxing to remove facial hair.

I highly recommend giving up Dairy if you have skin inflammatory issues such as Acne or Keratosis Pilaris.

And Best Advice is to wear sunscreen even if you are not directly in sun!

AND drink Lots of water, eat a variety of vegetables and get plenty of sleep.

This alone is best for skin and eyes!

Name: Lisa Nadler
Company Name: Lisa Nadler Skin Care and Waxing
Title: Esthetician & Owner
Address: 1979 East 17th Street, Suite 110; Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone Number: (714) 654-8234
Preferred Method of Contact: Please visit and Select “Book it” ; For specific questions, please call me at (714) 654-8234
Instragram: @lisa.skincarewaxingsantaana
Facebook: Lisa Nadler Skin Care and Waxing

Fun Fact About Lisa: I have lots of Milk Weed in my yard which is a breeding ground for Monarch Butterflies. I sometimes bring them indoors to help keep them safe from predators so they can form a chrysalis and then I release them back outside.